Unwanted Hair

Unwanted hair can diminish confidence and affect quality of life. Whether it’s on the face, arms, legs, or any other area, we seek effective and safe solutions.

Some individuals experience excessive hair growth due to genetic factors, leading to unwanted hair in certain areas.
Hormonal changes can lead to thicker hair growth, especially in women, as seen in conditions like Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS).
Other health issues such as medications or specific medical conditions can affect the rate and areas of hair growth.

Phương pháp điều trị được đề xuất

Hair Removal

The most comfortable hair removal


Lumecca is a perfect upgrade for those with uneven skin tone, pigmentation and freckles, or visible facial blood vessels (spider veins) beneath the skin. Just one Lumecca protocol (typically 2 to 3 sessions) can bring about noticeable and remarkable improvements.

Photo Facial

Photofacial is a “quick-fix” procedure requiring virtually no downtime to rejuvenate the skin and restore a youthful glow. It stimulates new collagen to form in the skin thereby reducing fine lines, minimizing pore size and acne scars, and increasing skin elasticity. Intense pulsed light also diminishes flushing or redness of the face associated with Rosacea, reduces brown spots, erases broken capillaries, and smoothens rough textured skin.


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    How can the exact cause of unwanted hair growth be determined?

    The first step to accurately determining the cause is a consultation with a dermatologist for necessary tests. The doctor may request hormone tests, assess your overall health, or identify genetic factors. Based on the findings, they will recommend a suitable treatment method, ranging from lifestyle changes to specific medical interventions.


    What are the most effective current hair removal methods?

    Today’s most effective hair removal methods include laser treatment, Intense Pulsed Light (IPL), and electrolysis. Each method has its advantages and suits different skin types and hair colors. Laser hair removal is popular for its long-term effectiveness and minimal irritation. IPL is suitable for broad area treatment, and electrolysis is effective for fine and sensitive hair.


    Is laser hair removal painful, and how should I prepare?

    The level of pain experienced with laser hair removal varies depending on individual pain tolerance and the area being treated. Many liken it to the sensation of a rubber band snapping against the skin. To minimize discomfort, clinics often use cooling gels or devices. Pre-treatment preparations include avoiding sun exposure and not waxing or plucking for a specific period before treatment.


    How to maintain results after hair removal and are maintenance treatments necessary?

    To maintain results after hair removal, monitor for hair regrowth and consider maintenance treatments if necessary. Usually, after an initial series of treatments, a few annual touch-up sessions may be required to keep the results. Additionally, protecting the skin from sun exposure and using suitable moisturizing products are crucial for maintaining the skin’s condition.


    What should first-timers know about undergoing high-tech hair removal?

    For first-timers opting for high-tech hair removal, the most crucial step is choosing a reputable and professional facility. Discuss with your doctor or specialist to fully understand the process, expected outcomes, and post-treatment care. Ensure you’re fully aware of the procedure, its risks, and benefits before making a decision.

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