Body treatments

A series of "no pain all gain" aesthetic solution for your fitness to maintain the beautiful shape and skin of the body.

Thermage FLX Body

Thermage FLX is a premier and effective skin tightening treatment that combats the loss of skin elasticity in order to effectively treat wrinkles and loose skin around the eyes, face, neck and body.

Morpheus8 for body

When used on the body, Morpheus8 can address a range of concerns including stretch marks, loose or sagging skin, wrinkles, and uneven skin texture. Common areas treated on the body include the abdomen, thighs, buttocks, arms, and d├ęcolletage. By delivering controlled heat deep into the skin's layers, Morpheus8 promotes collagen...

Morpheus8 for knees

Morpheus8 for knees offers a safe and effective solution for improving the appearance and texture of the skin in the knee area, helping achieve smoother, firmer, and more youthful-looking knees.

Lady Gym

Ready to reclaim that lost firmness and rediscover V-area's natural elasticity? We've got the formula for a firm, sculpted, and toned "that area" that'll make you feel empowered and confident. Lady Gym is your secret weapon to help restore elasticity and achieve that firming effect you desire. Say goodbye to...

Body Contour

Give you an advanced solution for challenging aesthetics

Cool Shape

Freezing your fat away with the best technology. Loss inches after 60 minute treatment. The highly innovative cryolipolysis treatment makes it possible to target fat depots and reduce them permanently and non-invasively. This method cools fat deposits over a longer period of time to a controlled and safe temperature range.


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